Where the Air is Thin

Our national park adventures have kept us in the stratosphere for some time now, and our latest stop in Rocky Mountain National Park carried us even higher.

Longs Peak, elevation 14, 259′

During our visit to the park we took a few hikes, enjoyed some afternoon thunderstorms, and drove the Trail Ridge Road, which we soon learned is the third highest road in the US at 12,183’ above sea level.

The drive to the summit was spectacular.  Once above the tree line the views opened up, with more mountain majesty’s everywhere we looked.  At the visitor center we took a short trail to the top, climbing 100’s of stairs to reach 12,000’.  Even after supposedly being somewhat acclimated to the altitude, it was still a bit of a struggle with 30%-40% less oxygen than we are used to at sea level!   It was mind-boggling to learn about the alpine tundra with all the miniature flowers and adaptive plants, and how they survive in such a completely harsh winter environment.

It may have been due to the thin air, but at some point, my mind suddenly veered to veni, vedi, vici.  While the correct translation is ‘we came, we saw, we conquered’, in our case it can be more accurately described as we came, we ahhed, we huffed and puffed our way to the top!

Sadly, our mountain adventures in the Murph have come to an end for this year, but in true permanent picnic form we have begun yet another escapade!  Now that we’re back where the air is full of wonderful oxygen cells we’ll soon be regaling you with the continued adventures of Marty and Sue…stay tuned!