Barra de Navidad

January has been a challenging month for the Happy Dancers. After a nasty bout of food poisoning provided by a local restaurant the night before the kids left, I was then attacked by a nasty bug.  No fun, no fun at all.  To tell a long story in a short version, I’ve been sick.

We left La Cruz after the New Year, and though I wasn’t up to par, I thought I was okay.  The trip down the coast was a good one, with some sailing, some motoring, and lots of wildlife.  We had plenty of whales, dolphins, and a gazillion turtles as we cruised along.  It’s always nice to see the ocean full of life, and the full moon was a joy too.

We arrived in Tenacatita just as a beautiful sunrise was painting the sky red and anchored near the beach in a lovely calm anchorage.  Nap time!

Tenacatita is a beautiful protected anchorage a with a long sandy beach, a shady palapa restaurant under the palms and an afternoon bocce ball game!  What could be better.  Well, to begin with, if I’d been among the living, life in paradise would have been lovely, but I was in bed for two weeks fighting off some strange virus that just wouldn’t quit.  I’m happy to say that Marty enjoyed the bocce ball and afternoons with friends, while I did the not so happy dance.

I know that I’ve mentioned that cruising has its challenges, and self diagnosis and deciding courses of action while physically under the weather is high on the list of difficulties!  During all this time we’d been second guessing and self-medicating with our on board arsenal to try to conquer whatever it was that was attacking me.  We muddled through it all though, with nurse Marty taking care of my every need as my body slowly fought off the bugs.

We’re now in the marina at Barra de Navidad where I’ve been learning to walk again on crazy swollen knees leftover from my bout with Mr. Bug and getting my strength back while sitting in the pool and living the resort life (can you say swim up pool bar?).  Being able to walk on solid ground rather than jumping off a dinghy to the sand has been good, and knowing that we’re a plane ride away from an ER if we decided to go that route made me feel better too. Thankfully all is moving in the right direction without a trip north, so we’re confident that I’ve met the challenge and will be 100% soon.

So life is good once again, and we’ll be leaving the dock today to head back up to Tenacatita to enjoy the activities that I missed out on the first round.  As soon as the French Baker shows up in his panga with our almond croissants and tequila raisin cinnamon rolls, we’ll be on our way!  Oh!  I hear his bell, time to go!

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