Puerto los Gatos

One of our favorite anchorages in the Sea of Cortez is Puerto los Gatos.  It’s what we call a fair weather anchorage because it’s open to the northerly swell, as well as southerly winds, but when it’s calm, it’s perfect.  We recently spent two nights there, enjoying a four-year anniversary since our first visit on Thanksgiving in 2013.

We arrived after a lovely day of sailing down from Bahia San Marte, on a gentle northeast wind with flat seas.  It’s days like these that make all the crusty days worthwhile.  Sitting in the cockpit listening to tunes, being cooled by the breeze, enjoying the curvy fullness of a white sail against a blue sky…ahhh.

Los Gatos is a fairly small bay with some dangerous submerged reefs jutting out from the shore, so it’s important to keep an eye on the depth sounder and on the color of the water as we make our way into the shallows.  We slowly motored in until we were in 10′ then did a u-turn, until we had room to drop the anchor and back down to shore.  Once the hook is down, it’s always time for an anchor beer and a swim.  The water was perfect, the beer was cold, and we were the only souls within sight.

We’ve mentioned the beautiful striations that we love in the distant mountains, but here it’s all about red rocks that run right down to the water.  The shapes and colors of the surrounding rocks are stunning and the beach is covered by wafer thin tiny rocks of all colors that coax me to sit down and take a closer look.  We have our umbrella and chairs, books and beers, and plenty of time to soak it all in.

So here you go…a few photos of un otro dia en paraiso…brought to you from Puerto los Gatos…

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  1. Such a gorgeous bay. Red rocks are ok but what do you do for a Christmas tree😊😊I’m all decorated with my barb treasures. Lights in a wine bottle. Carved Santa outdoor Santa by the door ustairs. So many special things. Will start my cookie baking soon for its early Christmas on the 17th

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