Random Thoughts and Thanks

Last night we anchored in a little slice of paradise called Bahia San Marte, about 30 miles south of Loreto (25.30.254N 111.01.030W). It was our first night on the hook since being in Puerto Escondido for so many days having work completed on Happy Dance and it was great to be floating under a silent starry sky once again. It was a bit of a roll-y night due to the swell wrapping around the point, so I went up to sleep in the vee-berth for a bit. It was quieter there with only the sound of the waves onshore and I could see the stars through the hatch.

Whenever I hear the shushing of the waves at night I am always transported back to when I was a girl listening to the waves sing me to sleep in my bed on the sleeping porch at Three Tree Point where the giant windows would be swung up to hook onto the ceiling. I slept on the top bunk at the foot of Gran’s bed and there were many mornings when I would wake up on her bed, having rolled out of my bunk during the night.

There are many Three Tree memories that stand out amongst all the family gatherings and some special ones are the summer days spent together with my grandmother. We’d take walks on the beach looking for agates (or “almost agates“), or up the Indian path to pick thimble berries and blackberries. We collected bark that had floated ashore from the passing log booms for our morning fires that would burn with intense blues and greens. We made blackberry pies, read books, and played pinochle. Thanks Gran!

Hemlock Cottage holds different memories for everyone in my family and continues to build memories for the great-great-great-grandchildren of Gran’s Dad who built it in 1905, long before the roads from Seattle led so many to live in such a beautiful place. The log booms no longer pass by the point so there are no more colorful bark fires, and the sleeping porch is gone, but the big windows still let in the fresh salt air and the sound of the waves, and the cousins still gather to enjoy time together. Thanks Great Grandfather Verd!

This morning when I woke my first glance landed on the photo by our bed of Kyle surfng a wave in Nicaragua. His blonde hair is shining in the sun, his hand reaches out to touch the wave that is building beneath him; he’s full of life and the living of it. It brings a smile to my face to think of him and all the gazillion happy memories and moments that we’ve shared. Thanks Kyle!

My mind is obviously wandering through years of memories and I find myself with a silly grin on my face thinking of so many great moments like the one when my brother Bob drove us in his red Land Cruiser up a steep river bed to the top of some mountain in Lake Tahoe to watch the sunrise or when he taught me to ski in the powder on 200’s with the groove filled in. I remember crazy adventures when my sister Meg and I wandered California at a tender age in our mail truck/camper van dubbed Mahitable, or when she taught me to ride horses in Colorado. I loved the drives down narrow roads to nowhere with my Mom in Ireland, and when Meg and I took Mom to Nova Scotia for her 80th birthday and enjoyed a feast of fresh lobster. I love all the Thanksgiving memories with my cousins on the beach at Hope Island, eating turkey till we were about to explode, then walking on the beach and lifting rocks to see the zillion baby crabs run out.  Thanks family!

I think of train stations in Europe when I was traveling with my friend Jeanne, or the VW van that I drove from Amsterdam to the south of France with my friends Roanne and Bill. I think of hiking up above Zermatt to get a closer look at the Matterhorn, and the year I spent in Sweden when I was 18. I think of evenings on the deck with friends at the Inn, and my skiing days, on the mountain seven days a week with all my fellow ski instructors. I think of stressful work trips to Argentina and Pittsburgh, Calgary and London, all made easier because of work friends to share the load and lots of laughs. And I think of all the wonderful friends we’ve met over the past five years of living the dream on Happy Dance.  So many happy memories, so many stories. Thanks friends!

Much of my life has been about traveling and exploring new opportunities. I’ve lived in some beautiful places and taken some crazy twists and turns in my life. I often think that Mom instilled a sense of adventure in me, and the belief that anything is possible. She enrolled me in summer sailing classes when I was 12 and I’m forever grateful as that has made all the difference. I’ll always be thankful to have had three special years with Mom while we built The Blue Goose Inn together. Thanks Mom!

So here I sit in the cockpit with the offshore wind keeping the boat cool, a few rays jumping out by the point, the north wind creating rollers that explode into white froth on the reef, and a pair of ospreys enjoying their morning catch while perched on a cactus. It’s Thanksgiving Day, which seems to be filling me with thankful thoughts.

Exactly four years ago Marty and I were anchored in Puerto los Gatos on our first Thanksgiving in the Sea of Cortez. Were only 18 miles from there and it seems we’ve about come full circle. We are still enjoying the incredible, crazy, cruising life and most importantly we’re still enjoying each other! While we were reveling in an awesome sail yesterday, Marty hugged me and said; thanks for bringing me along, to which I replied; thanks for being crazy enough to do it! We are well matched, he and I; we enjoy the slow nature of this lifestyle and we are grateful for the opportunity to savor it together. It’s hard to explain just how perfect it is to be sitting here getting to experience all this with the man that I love. Thanks HB!

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  1. Happy thanksgiving to you and Marty. I loved reading your message thinking of all your adventures. All goes well here. Getting ready for turkey dinner with all Steele’s here tomorrow. Love

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