The Wild Life Continues!

This has been the month (or three) of wild life on Happy Dance.  Visitors from land and sea have been making appearances to warm our hearts and entertain us.  It’s been AWESOME!!!

In our last two posts you met cousin Barb and son Kyle with girlfriend Rachael.  We’ve now shared more sun and fun and sea life sightings with friend Janet and my sister Meg!  So here you go…more photos from the Happy Dance B&B.

Our friend Janet left Colorado in the snow and landed in sunshine.  The weather was a bit blowsy during her stay, but we managed to get in a couple of days of paddle boarding and lots of wild life watching.  Toss in some margaritas with extra salt, a few quesadillas, and voila..vacation in Mexico!  This was Janet’s second trip to the Happy Dance, so she is becoming an old salt and even spent all of one day captaining us along under sail – yay Janet!

After Janet went back to newly fallen snow in Boulder (wearing her sandals), we then had a week of total calm weather.  Go figure.  Guests get northers, we get calm?  It’s been frustrating that the weather hasn’t cooperated this spring; the water is unseasonably cold and green, in other words…BRR!  We seem to find lots of great things to do anyway, but hopefully on our guesties next visits (hint, hint), the weather will be more cooperative.  However as I write this I think that 70-80 degrees is probably acceptable to folks traveling from the great white north!

Last but definitely not least, our final stowaway visitor of the season was my sister Meg.  Having never seen Happy Dance it was great fun to give her the 5 second tour of the boat, show her all our sea treasures, explain that the anchor will indeed hold, and that sailboats are meant to heel!

Meg arrived in Loreto and we immediately jumped aboard Happy Dance and headed north to Isla Coronados.  We enjoyed a yummy dinner, some dolphin and turtle sightings, and called it a day.  Unfortunately, it was a rather bumpy night, so Meg learned very quickly about life at sea.  Next morning we weighed anchor and headed toward Caleta San Juanico, expecting to sail all the way in the forecast SE winds.  Well, once again, local weather patterns overrode the wider forecast and we had 25-30 knots of gusterly wind from the West coming through the gap in the mountains.  We reefed down and sailed, and Meg was a trooper for her first day on the water!

Caleta San Juanico is one of our favorite anchorages because it has plenty of beaches, beautiful rock formations, and we love to snorkel, paddle board, and fish in the huge bay.  The water was a bit chilly this visit after the northers had stirred up the bay, so we chose beach exploration over swimming.  It’s a beautiful place in any weather!

From San Juanico we headed south again down the east side of Isla Carmen.  We saw a few dolphins on the way, along with some great sightings of the painted cliffs.  The colors of the rock formations on these islands is absolutely stunning and simply doesn’t show up in the photographs.  It’s something you have to see in person with the changing light and shadows.

We had two VERY blowsy days in Bahia Salinas, never even getting off the boat.  Ugh.  But we entertained ourselves with birthday bonfires, and laughing through some card games, interspersed with lots of sisterly gabbing.  Perfect.  The highlight of the stay in Salinas was fisher woman extraordinaire Meg, catching 3 huge trigger fish off the bow while at anchor!   That led to some very yummy fish tacos for dinner.  Way to go Meg!

We saved the best for last.  As we left Bahia San Juanico we saw some flashes and jumbled water up ahead.  After confirming our hopes with the binoculars, we headed over toward a pod of 200 or more dolphins.  The water was boiling with dolphins swimming in close formation, leaping, slapping, and generally appearing to have a wonderful time!  We went along side the pod and many of them came over to visit and ride the bow wake.  We idled near them for over 30 minutes, snapping photos and simply listening and watching the incredible beauty of dolphins in the wild.  The wild life…it’s a good thing.

Flying!! …with hitchhikers

After wearing out our smile muscles we sadly left the dolphins behind and headed around the southern tip of Isla San Carmen, and anchored in the beautiful little bay of Bahia Ballandra, just east of Loreto.  The water was finally clear and fairly warm, so we enjoyed a nice swim before dinner on the bar-b-que.  The next morning we sailed early to Loreto, walked the town, and had our last Mexican meal with Meg (sad face); until next visit!

This spring has been incredible for many reasons; fun with family and friends, exciting wild life sightings, and mostly the warm of fuzzy feeling of getting to share our amazing life with our amazing friends.  More adventures in our wonderful wild life!

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