More Wild LIfe!!

Another week in paradise and more wild life sightings to check off our list!  We’ve been very lucky lately, seeing lots of critters of the sea, especially since we’ve been entertaining more stowaways from north of the border.  This week we had our son Kyle and his girl Rachael on board for a week of sun, fun, and many laughs…it was awesome!  We love getting to share our slice of happy to our family and friends.

After a quick provisioning run we met the kids in Loreto and headed out to the islands.  Loreto is the perfect place to pick up guests, because there are numerous anchorages within a day’s sail, so no matter what the winds are doing you can still hunker down in comfort and enjoy some incredible scenery.   Our first stop on this tour was Isla Coronados, a quick 6 mile jaunt from Loreto.

After a couple of days on Isla Coronados watching pangas come and go bringing Mexican vacationers enjoying their spring break, we decided it was time for a less busy anchorage.  We pulled anchor and moved on around the north end of Isla Carmen, along the east side to view the gorgeous painted cliffs, and then into the large bay of the abandoned salt producing village of Bahia Salinas.  We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed beach walks and lots of swimming in the warm water.

One day I was watching the gang return to the boat in the dinghy when I noticed a large moving black shape near the surface of the water.  Then a black fin of some sort starting showing as it lazily swam along behind the boat.  When the dinghy arrived I told them to go see what it was…as I was a little worried that we might have a shark in the anchorage!  They finally found the mystery shape and discovered that we had a young Whale Shark in the anchorage with us!  Wow!  That’s a first in this anchorage and a first for Marty and me to see a Whale Shark up close.

The next day Wally the Whale Shark showed up again making the same lazy circle around the boat through the shallows.  Kyle and I jumped on our paddle boards to go investigate and it was an amazing sight.  Wally was about 25′ or 26′ long, just a baby in the Whale Shark world, but he sure seemed big to us looking down on him from our 13′ paddle boards!  Kyle paddled ahead at one point and slipped into the water with his snorkel mask on to float and see if he could see Wally up close and personal.  Sure enough, Wally went right under Kyle and from the look on Kyle’s face as he surfaced saying “OMG!!!”, it was quite an experience!  Picture a mouth swimming toward you that you’d easily fit in!  Yikes!  Glad that Whale Sharks are vegetarians!!

From Salinas and Wally’s World, we headed down a few miles to another gorgeous anchorage known as Punta Colorado.  Again we had the place to ourselves and enjoyed some great snorkeling and paddle boarding on the glassy water.

The final day of Kyle’s and Rachael’s visit the wind finally showed up with a vengeance.  Forecasted to blow in the low twenties, we got the boat ship shape after breakfast and headed around the south end of Isla Carmen and set the sails.  We sailed as close to the wind as we could and Happy Dance was definitely in her element!  She was making over 7 knots and when I took my hand off the wheel she was perfectly balanced, and sailed herself.  It was an amazing sail!  Mother Nature soon wanted to show us what she had to offer, with a swell building and an angry blue line headed our way so we turned south and sailed downwind toward Puerto Escondido.

A lovely week of sun and fun and sharing our crazy wild life with some of our favorite people!  Tomorrow we head to Loreto to start the tour again with another stow away!  Wow, I think our family and friends have finally discovered that we live in paradise…YAY!




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