Back onboard!

After 3 months away, we are happily ensconced on Happy Dance once again.  However, truth be told, it’s not all that settled OR comfortable in our boat sweet boat – yet!

What many people don’t realize is there is no such thing as getting off an airplane, getting on the boat and setting sail for paradise. Nope, first there are chores.

One of which is figuring out what to do with all the new stuff! It’s one of the realities of being a vagabond. Each year we leave the boat with two small bags and come home with multiple large suitcases crammed full of toys and equipment for Happy Dance. In addition to the clutter we brought home with us, there is already a large muddle from having put Happy Dance to bed in readiness for the hot sun and hurricanes of summer in the Sea of Cortez. The v-berth is full to the brim with sails, kayaks, chairs and every other thing that was on deck before we left.

In addition to all the clutter we (we, meaning Marty) have a couple of issues to resolve. The freezer is on the blink (and of course we always discover this AFTER we buy lots of frozen stuff). The faucet that we bought to replace the leaky one in the galley has different (French boat, Oui?) threads and won’t fit the existing hoses, so we have no water. Hopefully these will be the only glitches, as we get ready to leave the dock and start living the dream once again.

Timing is everything in making space and reorganizing a boat. First things first, Happy Dance needs a bath. You’d think that with all the torrential rain we’ve been getting that the decks would be clean, but unfortunately it’s going to require some scrubbing in addition to rinsing. Once she is clean then we can start unloading the v-berth, bending on sails, inflating kayaks, etc., so that we have room to maneuver inside. The rest of the chores are things that can be done at any time, but rigging, engines, water, freezers, and cooking all take top priority.

So….it’s great to be home!  Soon we’ll get back to that living in paradise stuff.  Now if someone would just turn down the heat!

3 thoughts on “Back onboard!

  1. Welcome home! We leave the boat for 8-9 months and it never ceases to amaze me how much time it takes. Do you have a canned departure list and arrival list? If so, we’d love to get a look to see if there is something we are missing! Good luck getting things back in order! Hugs to you both….

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    • Hi Deb! Thanks for the hello! We’ve often talked about making check lists but alas…never have..ha! We just wing it and have been lucky not to have forgotten anything too major yet. Hugs to you guys too…the v-berth should be empty again soon..ha!


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