Keel to wheels

If you’ve followed our travel blogs for very long you’re aware that we tend to change plans fairly often. Or as sailors like to say, we write our plans in the sand at low tide. We’ve made plenty of U-turns, schedule swaps, destination diversions, and now we add to our list, an unexpected move from keel to wheels!

Since moving onboard Happy Dance 4 years ago, we’ve taken summer vacations in cooler climes and this year is no different. After leaving Happy Dance tied to the dock in La Paz, we flew north to leave behind the heat of the approaching Sea of Cortez summer. A few hours of flying, a long stroll through the airport and then poof, we found ourselves in the time warp of the Customs Hall and entering the fast lane through a set of one-way doors.

After visiting a few family and friends, and satisfying our food cravings (gotta have that rib eye!), we did what most people who are on vacation from vacation do; we bought an RV! I know, it seems a bit crazy, but considering that this will now be our annual vagabonding home on terra firma, it makes perfect sense!

Our new 6-wheel, no keel home is 30’ long and rolls down the road without the use of wind power. She’s tentatively named the Galloping Goose at this point, so we’ll see if that sticks after we’ve lived in her for a few months!

However, sometimes even perfect plans comes with a few speed bumps. In this case it wasn’t totally unexpected, but the timing was a bit more sudden than we’d anticipated. Following a visit to see the Dr. about my hip aches and pains, I was suddenly scheduled for surgery and now sit here with a brand new titanium hip! Whoohoo! My horizons shrunk for a few weeks of recovery to the welcoming walls of the McD estate in Ventura, and now have expanded a bit more to the limits of my cane-assisted walks, but I expect to be climbing masts and paddling around the boat again in no time.

After getting cleared by the Dr. to head out on the highway looking for adventure or whatever comes our way, we left the Ventura Highway in the sunshine and pointed the Galloping Goose north to points unknown. So far we’ve boon-docked in a primitive campsite above San Simeon, mingled with the big coaches in Costanoa, and now we’re parked under a canopy of trees along the Russian River! We’re learning the basics of this RV lifestyle, and adding lots of must haves to our shopping list.

All in all, the RV life seems at first glance to be an easier version of the sailing life. The only weather reports we monitor are the hurricane alerts near Happy Dance in La Paz. Parking is easier without wind and current to deal with, we have a really big deck every night to enjoy, we can have campfires and we don’t have to worry about whales running into us! So far we haven’t had a pool, and we can’t take a snooze while on autopilot, but hey, it’s an escapade and that’s what we like!

The plan at the moment is that these wheels will keep on turning (rolling, rolling, rolling down the highway) until October when we return to keel based adventures and our boat sweet boat. Stay tuned to this blog channel for updates from the Galloping Goose, crazy Captain Marty and his crazier crew!

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  1. Hi Guys! Fais Do Do is now in Brunswick, GA. Planning on Cuba next Spring if all goes well! We are in Atlanta if you ever decide to “wheel” East…

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    • Hi Rick and Patty! Great to hear from you. Cuba sounds like an excellent adventure. Our plans are to head to Panama this year…we’ll see if the plans hold. Our land yachting will include Atlanta…eventually! All the best..


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