Baja Norte

Here are some visuals to go along with our previous post about the last three weeks up in the northern Sea of Cortez.  It’s a magical place that we’ve now explored twice but we know that there is still so much more to experience.

Even though this trip was interrupted a couple of times by some nasty “steep gradient cold fronts” that moved into and out of the anchorages we were in causing sudden and severe weather, the calm days in between the blows were amazing.  Solitary anchorages under star-studded skies, fascinating flora and fauna, and a feeling that Steinbeck expressed…

“Some quality there is in the whole Gulf that trips a trigger of recognition so that in fantastic and exotic scenery one finds oneself nodding and saying inwardly, “Yes, I know.” ”

(*read more about our trip in the previous post)

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A few of our anchorages…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Bahia de Quemada


Isla Salsipuedes looking south        Isla Salsipuedes


           Puerto Don Juan


           Animas Slot


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  1. I think of you guys so often and wonder what a culture shock a day in San Diego would be for you. Keep living the dream. You guys are two peas in a pod. ❤️


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