When 0 for 3 is a Good Thing

I live with a baseball nut. RBIs and ERAs, HRs and WHIPs are all of vital importance. So when we refer to “0 for 3” as a good thing, it can either be in reference to another team’s hitter (hopefully Ron’s)….or hurricanes!

Yes folks, we dodged another one. Odile, Simon, and Blanca have all been very kind to us, though unfortunately that wasn’t the case for many people on Baja. Odile was the worst, and made a direct hit on Baja causing millions of dollars in damage in the big cities, while devastating the small villages that are held together by family and community, hard work and ingenuity.

We have become cautious cruisers after having learned the hard way that having a schedule to meet and sailing just don’t mix.  It’s because of the times we’ve gotten a bit beat up when trying to get to a dock at a certain time that we have learned to avoid any of the ugly stuff.  We take it slow and we try to pay attention to the forecasts even when they are less than accurate!

Hurricane tracking seems to be a bit of a mystery for our esteemed weather forecasters.  Sitting here tied to the dock in Santa Rosalia it just depended on which doomsday prophet we believed as to whether we should run for cover or have an afternoon bar-b-que!

As Blanca approached our location the forecasts were a bit grim, calling for 40-60 knot winds and heavy thunderstorms.  We battened down the hatches; tightly wrapping the headsails, and double wrapping them with sheets and extra halyards, pulling everything off the decks and double tying the big stuff, adding double lines to the dock cleats and an extra line straight to the pilings.  We were as ready as we could be, so we headed for bed and hoped for the best!

About 6am the rain started and the winds built quickly.  One moment it was completely calm, and the next moment the lines were singing in 25 knots of wind.  As the storm drew near we had lots of sideways rain, big swells rolling through the entrance channel, and winds clocking 30-40 knots.  We rocked and rolled most of the day as the bands of clouds moved over us, but it was really a non-event as far as hurricanes go.  Please note –  we’re NOT complaining!

So that’s the dramatic story of how we survived our third near hit.  Boring.  Just the way we want it.  We’ll try to keep those boring stories coming your way, as we continue to run from the big uglies.  However I do see one foreseeable problem in 2015.  If there are 13 named storms this year, the 13th hurricane will be named MARTY!  Aarrrrgh…run for your life!


2 thoughts on “When 0 for 3 is a Good Thing

  1. Boring in this context is FABULOUS!!!! So let’s keep it that way! ASs for the Hurricane to be named Marty, well, we all know that will be a lot of hot wind blowing through!!! 🙂 Sorry Bro, couldn’t resist!!!

    Keep dodging and being safe and getting those free boat washes. Those are all good things in the grand scheme of things. See y’all soon!!!


    aka… Great Uncle Scootie!!!


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