Curveballs in paradise

Life throws us a curveball every once in a while. Instead of weighing anchor and pointing the bow north into the Sea of Cortez, we have taken an unexpected side trip to cool our heels in a hospital room in Glendale, California. Marty always says he has trouble hitting a curve so we’re doing our best to keep our eye on this curveball and get back to our Happy Dancing life at sea.

Why are we in the hospital? What we think started as some sort of bug bite went horribly wrong, and while it has changed our immediate plans, thankfully it won’t affect our long-term plans. Marty ended up with a nasty infection in his left leg that immobilized him and caused us to seek medical help north of the border. We initially started treatment in Mexico, and while the remedy given there was correct, it just wasn’t aggressive enough to combat an infection that needed a major dose of intravenous antibiotics. Wanting to get a second opinion we flew north to an Emergency Room, where Marty was immediately admitted to the hospital. We’re happy to say that after 24 hours here all is going in the right direction and with a few more days of treatment we’ll soon be back to making plans to weigh anchor and get moving into the glorious Sea of Cortez.


Having such a sudden and drastic change in plans thrown in our faces has made us look at our life and lifestyle a bit closer. It has been a good wake up call to remind us that the big 6-0 is arriving soon and maybe we should start taking care of ourselves! More veggies, less tortillas, more fruit juice, less cerveza, more salmon, less rib-eyes; you get the drift. We’ll also be increasing our exercise routine, to keep those lungs working and blood flowing. As the song says; we’re too young to feel this damn old!

When things were looking really bad for a while, the thought did cross my mind that I wasn’t ready for our cruising life to end. Now that we’re going into our third year of living aboard, we have settled into a comfortable routine and have learned to work and live together in a whole new way. We talk less and say more, we see each other’s needs and respond without requests, and we are constantly together and love the company. I’m sure some people would go crazy having to be with another person 24/7 in such a small space, but somehow it is just very right for us.

So we’ll take this pitch and prepare to hit the next one out of the park; moving on to bigger adventures, more scenic wonders, and to sharing a cruising life while sailing along singing a song, side by side.

Yet another selfie in paradise!

A couple of happy dancers in the Sea of Cortez






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  1. Too young to feel this old! Great saying, but, let’s change that to ‘too old to feel this young’. Sounds like you are going to be taking the right steps. Glad your good humor abounds and clear sailing is soon in sight. Love u guys

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