2014 Highlight Reel

2014 could be called the year of numbers….this happy dancing duo visited four countries on two continents, arrived or departed via fourteen airports, scurried through seven train stations, and rode too many buses, subways, taxis, and rental cars to count. We sailed over twenty-two hundred nautical miles bringing our total Happy Dance miles to over seven thousand nautical miles or eight thousand four hundred statute miles in two years on the water. But hey, who’s counting?

We’ve had a few close calls this year. Marty was tied for third in the baseball league until the final game of the season when he was moved to fourth by a single point. Sue fell overboard while underway but lived to tell the tale. Marty had carpal tunnel surgery and a toenail extraction courtesy of the bilge hatch. Sue learned to be a nurse. We had two near misses with hurricanes Odile and Simon. Marty made history in Timbabiche by being the first to catch two cabrillos on one hook! We learned a thousand new Spanish words and remember about twelve of them. And we continue to learn that laughter solves many problems and that life is muy, muy bueno!

In summary, it was a year of friends, family, fun and frijoles, and we hope you’ll enjoy this quick photo review of our adventures this year. It seems as though the more we explore, the more we find to see and do!

January and February…..We spent New Year’s Eve at sea…and the rest of the month floating on the hook in Banderas Bay enjoying whale songs, good music, and good friends.

March….Our annual trek to Las Vegas for Marty’s baseball and brotherly bonding…and in 2014 we added a new mania; E-tkt rides!  We enjoyed a small e-tkt ride on the indoor track with Greg and Katie, and then a capital E-tkt on the outdoor rack track with Sue’s brother….WOW!!!

April, May, June, July….sailing in the Sea of Cortez…and loving every minute!  Beauty abounds, sea life, quiet anchorages…plenty of ahhhhhh!


July….We visited the Copper Canyon in Mexico, an incredibly deep canyon that is reportedly larger than the Grand Canyon!  It was an amazing adventure and fun to see different aspects of Mexico.

August….We spent an incredible month in Scotland and England.  Castles, festivals, bagpipes, ales, scotches, and amazing people…love love loved it.

September, October, November, December….sailing south again through the Sea of Cortez and then over to La Cruz where we are happily floating at anchor now.  We spent a couple of weeks inland, learning Spanish and exploring Guadalajara.


So there you have it folks…another year of happy dances by this happy dancing crew.  We loved seeing all the friends and family that we were able to meet up with in 2014…and hope that we make lots more connections in 2015!  Happy New Year to all…may 2015 be a happy, healthy year full of love, laughter and adventures!



3 thoughts on “2014 Highlight Reel

  1. Love the review! Makes you stop and think about how fast it all goes by, but also how much there is to see and do and live life other than working. Hopefully we will all have our own Happy Dance in our manner and enjoy the likes of new adventures, new friends and NO WORK!!! Here’s to 2015! And yes, may it be filled with fun, friends, family and most of all Health to us all!!!



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