Decisions, decisions…

Living on the sea requires a myriad of decisions and most of these are based on information that is changing constantly, therefore our plans seem to change a lot too!  Yesterday at this time we were preparing to leave the dock to sail across to the Baja peninsula to start our meander southward.  It’s a 12-13 hour sail straight across from San Carlos to Punta Chivato, so we had planned on leaving at 4am and prepared for a potentially bumpy ride with the forecasted afternoon blow in the mid to upper 20’s, arriving before dark at the anchorage.

Wednesday's's a go!

At 3am this morning the alarm blared into my very confused consciousness, adding a loud buzzing to an already bizarre dream…argh!  Once awake, we stumbled around getting the coffee going, turned on the computer to check out the latest weather report.  There were three boats planning on making the run this morning, and we soon got a call from s/v Delphinia asking if we’d looked at the weather…rutro!

What was a tropical depression when we went to bed had now been given a name of Tropical Storm Simon, and its projected path was showing a slight turn toward the Baja peninsula.  While still expected to travel up the west coast of Baja and not make landfall (thank goodness), the low pressure area will pull in lots of wind over the Sea, making for some ugly weather.

At 3am it’s hard to make any decision other than go back to bed, but with the information on the latest forecast telling us that in a few days the Baja side of the Sea would be getting East winds in the 30-40 knot range and 10-16 foot seas, we decided bed was the best option.  Without a good hidey hole in the area we were planning on going to, it just didn’t seem like a good idea to head into what may be some ugly weather.

We’re disappointed to be stuck in San Carlos for another few days, but one of our rules of the road is…if in doubt, wait it out!  The few times that we’ve been driven by a time schedule have always come back to bite us with horrible sailing conditions.  We may be slow and we may be late, but we’ll be there eventually.  Ahhhh, the life of the cruiser…!

So, Simon sez stay…we’ll travel another day!

Simon is heading our way