Eilean Donan

This post will be short and sweet to allow you to form your own impression of a beautiful castle.  Eilean Donan is a small tidal island where three lochs meet, Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh.  The castle was nearly destroyed in the 1700’s and lay empty and falling down for about 200 years until it was restored in the 1920’s.  If you sit by the loch listening to the wind and the waves you can almost see those three warships anchored off the island with their guns blazing.


The castle as it lay for nearly 200 years.

“In 1719 the castle was garrisoned by 46 Spanish soldiers who were supporting the Jacobites. They had established a magazine of gunpowder, and were awaiting the delivery of weapons and cannon from Spain. The English Government caught wind of the intended uprising and sent three heavily armed frigates The Flamborough, The Worcester, and The Enterprise to quell matters. The bombardment of the castle lasted three days, though met with limited success due to the enormity of the castle walls, which in some places are up to 14 feet thick. Finally, Captain Herdman of The Enterprise sent his men ashore and over-whelmed the Spanish defenders. Following the surrender, the government troops discovered the magazine of 343 barrels of gunpowder which was then used to blow up what had remained from the bombardment…”

And then it was restored…..


The castle today….