Happy 4th!

A quick update from the hunkered down dancers on a stormy, cloudy, muggy 4th of July in paradise!

We left Punta Willard in the early morning yesterday and clawed our way around the point, then bounced and bashed through the lumpy SE swell as we motor-sailed along the southern end of Isla Tiburon. The tide was with us and the winds and waves were enough off our nose so that we were able to keep a reefed main full while motoring so we averaged 5 knots. We finally arrived at Monument Pass, a narrow 35′ deep channel that runs between the big island and a couple of smaller islands with reefs on both sides. The current pushed us through and pretty soon we were on the smoother side of the island pulling into a calm anchorage called Bahia de dos Perros (Bay of Two Dogs).

We actually got off the boat for the first time in 4 days since we were no longer held captive by the winds, so we enjoyed exploring around the bay, checking out the rocky points and even found an incredible stash of shells on one rocky beach. When we got close to what I thought was a vein of white rock in the cliff, we discovered that it was a huge pile of murex shells. Some were floating on the water, and hundreds had been tossed up by the waves into an indent in the cliff. There are similar piles scattered around the bay too that we’ll have to go investigate. It’s a puzzle to figure out where they came from and why they are all positioned in one spot.

We woke this morning to our very own 4th of July fireworks show provided by the remnants of tropical storm Douglas who is slowly dying out in the ocean SW of the cape. A nearby cell of a rain squall pushing white caps on the water along with plenty of thunder and lightning was very impressive! Huge thunder bumpers were all around, but thankfully just far enough off so that we could enjoy the show without having to take cover. I’m not sure where one takes cover when anchored in a sailboat in a lightning storm though! The clouds keep rolling over and around us from the other side of the island where we were anchored while waiting out the blow, making me even happier to finally be over on this side of the island.

We’ll hunker down for a couple more days and wait for the winds to clock around from the north as forecast, then we’ll make a run down to San Carlos for some much-needed re-provisioning. We’re getting very creative with our meal planning, using canned meats and veggies, dried potatoes, crystalized eggs, and powdered milk, and the last of the frozen bacon. Everything is better with bacon you know. One has to be inventive at this point, and not too picky! Ah, the exciting and challenging life of the cruiser.

Happy 4th everyone. Light a sparkler for us!