Sunday drive…

Puerto Escondido is growing on us.  Last fall when we were here, the winds were howling and it was getting chilly.  Now the sun is shining, and while the winds are forecast to be 20 knots or so, that’s totally acceptable.  Maybe we’re getting more seasoned salty as the months go by, and 20 knots doesn’t sound as threatening as it once did.

The harbor at Puerto Escondido is located about 10 miles south of Loreto, which doesn’t have a harbor for big boats, only for dinghys and fishing pangas.  We’re going to rent a car and go into Loreto tomorrow to reprovision and to pick up our guests for the week; Deb and John from s/v Adoncia.  We met Deb and John on the Sail Alaska trip last summer, so it will be great fun to have them onboard for a while and share some laughs.

While we’ve been anchored here we’ve done loads of laundry and visited the local tienda during their going out of business sale (30% off the 70% overpriced items…it is a monopoly after all).  A major portion of this harbor is up for sale and we keep saying what a perfect place it is for a full-scale marina.  They started building many years ago, but nothing was ever finished and now it needs to be demolished and rebuilt.  The mooring balls are unsafe (we had one come off in our hands, literally), and the only facility onshore are the old washers and dryers.  We did have a lovely Dia de las Madres brunch (Mother’s Day is always on May 10th in Mexico) at the one restaurant down the road.  I had the yummiest chicken mole that I’ve had since being in Mexico and Marty had a great plate of chile relleno, tacos, and rice.  YUM!  Happy Mother’s Day to us!

After our brekkie/brunch, we decided to go for a Sunday Drive (on Saturday…we’re such rebels).  We hopped in the dinghy and started heading toward Las Ventanas (the windows).  The harbor is open to the south with a dredged channel, and on the north end there are two low spots with wide rocky bars that protect the harbor, while providing a view to the outside channel, thus, “Las Ventanas”.

We anchored the dinghy, and went exploring on the rocky shore, which soon turned into a “I bet I can hit that rock out there in 6 throws” contest, a treasure hunt, and a building project.   With lots of flat rocks around, Marty was soon at work building a teetering tower.  I collected the decorations, and voila! –  the loveliest porcupine fish tower in town!

The shores of the bay are full of mangroves, interspersed with rock falls and cactus.  The colors of the water change constantly as the depths change, so you can see all the fish and rays swimming under the boat.  We are starting to hear song birds around too, which is so nice.  I’ve been seeing red and yellow finches, and Marty even saw a cardinal!  There is an osprey nest nearby, with a pair of osprey taking turns hunting.  We’ve now seen road runners a couple of times, in addition to the ever-present frigates, gulls, terns, vultures, and pelicans.  This morning we even had a large turtle surface near the boat!  Watching for critters around us is an ongoing pastime.

Today is the American Mother’s Day, making this weekend a double Mom’s Day!  Whenever I see a butterfly floating by, I always think of Marty’s Mom who loved butterflies.  As I sit on our lovely Happy Dance I always think of my Mom and how she would love all that we are doing.  We’ll be toasting to our Mom’s this afternoon and we send hugs and love to all the ladies in our lives who are Mom’s, have a Mom, or will someday be a Mom!  Happy Day from Happy Dance!!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday drive…

  1. You both make your momma’s proud. I read your blog with relief. It’s fun to read about a familiar port and learn that things change, seasons change, and at the end of the day it’s a good place to hang the hat. Just last week, I said to Greg, let’s go back to Pt. Escondido next spring. Your post confirms my desire. Hope to see you soon.


  2. Good to see you had a doubly good mothers day, nice and sunny here today, but we cant compete with the beautiful view you two share. Great reading and thanks for keep us all up to date.
    Dan and Pam Wagner


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