A picture is worth 1000 words…?

Sometimes there is just too much to say, so I’ll let the camera do the talking (or at least most of it..)!

In the past month we’ve crossed the Sea of Cortez on a two-day passage from La Cruz to the southern tip of Baja, visited some favorite spots and added some new favorites to our list.  We’ve met new people, learned new things, and experienced more of this place that we are growing to love.

As we have been meeting new friends and sharing stories and cruising plans, it’s been surprising to us to learn that most cruisers are part-time cruisers in one way or another.  There are the vacation cruisers who visit the area for just a few weeks or months each season, bouncing from activity to activity without taking a breath.  There are the semi-annual cruisers who leave their boat in a marina somewhere and return to the “real” world for 6-10 months each year, repeating their trek each year and sometimes limiting their experiences by their expectations from what has gone before.  There are the sabbatical cruisers who are fully involved in their escapade, but by definition are on a time constrained adventure, having left their jobs, school, homes for a pre-determined amount of time; when their one year, two years, or three years is up they have to head back to the home or job in the states that is waiting.

Then there is that very small group of lucky/crazy people such as ourselves, who sold their land base and moved onboard without any definitive plans for what happens when the adventures must change mode.  We know there will come a time when the creaks in our knees will grow louder than the creaks in the mast, and we’ll have to move to a place where the earth isn’t tilting crazily and our home isn’t held in place by a 3/8″ chain, but we hope that day will hold off for a good long time.  We don’t have any plans for what that time in our lives will look like or where we’ll be; we are truly living day-to-day, port to port, escapade to escapade, and we love it.  Being able to go slow and explore each new spot until we feel like moving on is such a priceless experience.

Time is the gift that we unwrap every day.  Spending that time exploring new places, that is our choice and ultimately our freedom.  We are so grateful.

Here are a few PMMs; the pinch me moments from the bazillion photos taken during this month’s adventures…enjoy!


6 thoughts on “A picture is worth 1000 words…?

  1. WoW!!!! That is all I can say! How fun. What an adventure. Life lived to the fullest, your way, not “The Man’s” way!!! Absolutely beautiful pictures and a slide show of what you see everyday. Thanks you for sharing. I believe we are all living vicariously through you two. Keep it up!!



    • Hi Scootie!!! Miss you! Glad you’re enjoying the blog and the photos…come visit and see it all up close and personal! Love ya, Sue


  2. Hi Dancers, Love your Post’s. They are always a joy to read. Keep them coming. Ted


    • Thanks Ted! We appreciate the support – it’s fun to share our adventures, especially when friends are following along!
      All the best,
      Sue and Marty


  3. As usual, a great job of storytelling and the photos back up every word. Sounds like you guys have found your little slice of heaven.


    • Hi PA! Fun to read all your comments on the individual photos…thanks! After a month of bliss, last night was nasty – 30 knot winds with gusts in the upper 30s…at anchor waiting for the light of day…..and now it’s here so we’ll escape to a better anchorage!!
      On the salt pond question – yes, it’s used commercially – probably in those little bottles of sea salt we buy! Will have to look closer at where the salt comes from!


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