Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars

It’s 10 PM in Isla San Francisco; the stars are spread out across the horizon and I have a few minutes to spin the cosmos! What a wonderful spot to be as I wander down the Path of what could have been. We are at anchor in one of my favorite places, with an opportunity to consider the various decisions that got us here.

I have been surprised at the beauty of a “desert” region known as the Baja Peninsula. I was thinking more along the lines of palm trees and palapas on the beach as we made our way through the Sea of Cortez but it is much more than that! The islands, the views, the sunsets, the rattleless rattle snakes! All of these things and more contribute to a most exciting experience. Just sailing along has experiences! Mabula rays jumping and performing circus type flips; laying the fishing line out behind us waiting for the big strike, and watching the Pangas go about their business!

Across from us to the west is the Sierras de Gigantes; a wonder of geological striations and also a barrier to Coromuels; the winds that make anchoring an E-ticket ride! To the east is a long sandy beach with hills that rise up against a star-filled sky. The stars are so thick that I have trouble finding my personal constellation, Orion, and the Big Dipper. There is a glow to the south that could only be La Paz but that is such an insignificant portion of the sky!

As I let myself wander across the wide sky, I am reminded of how much it has taken to be here. Selling the house, the cars, paying off everything we could so that our journey on a 43 foot sailboat could actually happen. These are dominoes that had to fall in a perfect order for us to be floating at anchor with the multitude of stars above! And that is nothing compared to the kayak run out to the point; the fishing, the dive into cooling waters that go along with this wonderful lifestyle we have chosen! Tomorrow we plan on walking over to the north beach and search for agates! Sue has a new (empty) wine bottle that needs to be filled and this is the place to do it!

It is my hope that this will inspire other people to follow in our footsteps, so to speak. Whether it is an RV to race across the US of A or following the Siren’s song in a sailing ship; there are an enormous amount of vistas to see, people to meet, and exciting adventures to be experienced! So for those of you sitting on the fence waiting for all of the dominoes to stack up just right; get crackin’ on making a new plan to smell the roses, stare at the stars and make life a living experience!


2 thoughts on “Seeing Stars

  1. see if your camera has a setting to photograph stars – you guys should be able to get something pretty cool out there. What is it about you McD boys; Ron always looks for Orion and the Big Dipper too!
    Did Sue find agates? Picture?
    Keep on smelling the roses … err, the salt air ..


  2. still stacking those dominoes. great read. Would sell it all in a minute to get away from the rat race, but alas, Still got a few years till the magic number appears. Thanks for the update, What you need is a good little telescope, Lots of things to look at without city lights to block it out. Take care
    Dan & Pam Wagner


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