Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Caleta Partida!! It’s a beautiful sunny, calm day here, Marty is already in the pool, I’m finishing up my second cup of Java, and Vaca (our pet tiger) is looking all over to see what the Easter Bunny brought him!! We’ve been here a couple of nights; the first one was a big rough from a Coromuel that blew through all night, but last night was peaceful so we slept wonderfully and will now have a relaxing Chocolate Bunny day (something new and different..ha).

Yesterday we took a dinghy tour all over. We started out by going out to the reef at the entrance to the bay, and I snorkeled while Marty floated around in the dinghy. Lots of fishes, starfish, some very healthy looking coral, and some long skinny guys that kept giving me the eye! We explored the next tiny bay to the north a bit, then headed back for home. On the way back in we started seeing turtles! We’d try to sneak up on them, then I’d jump into the water with my mask and camera, but never got close enough – those guys are FAST! We’ve been seeing them around the boat this morning too, so I’m sure I’ll get a chance to see them up close and personal at some point.


Caleta Partida is actually an extinct volcano crater that has worn down on two sides. There is a huge shallow area in the center of the crater that is a gorgeous light aqua color and the frigates, pelicans, and other birds are constantly putting on a show of their diving skills as they fish for brekkie. We’ll probably go out kayaking and snorkeling by the shore later today.

Life is good in the Sea of Cortez – even though we haven’t found any chocolate bunnies anywhere! Maybe next year. Hugs to all, and have a happy dancing day!