La Paz

La Paz, or “Peace”, is a large city that bustles with plenty of commercial activity.  It feels like a typical U.S. city, with lots of traffic, road construction, some tourist driven businesses by the beach, but mostly just lots of people going about their daily activities.  The standard of living here is higher than in many Mexican cities, so there seems to be a strong middle class and less of the gringo driven junk.  It’s pretty nice (for a city..)!

The day we arrived we were able to hitch a ride in a fellow cruiser’s land yacht and go to town to pick up all the “heavy stuff” (beer).  In the process of visiting Home Depot, the boat store, and Chedraui the grocery store, we pretty much drove from one end of the city to the other.  We got all our shopping done and it was such a treat to be able to do it by truck versus riding the “collectivo” (bus).  When we do go via the bus it’s pretty funny to see us on the trip home – each with a back pack and two canvas grocery bags, all weighted down with provisions.

Yesterday we took a shuttle into town and wandered the streets by foot for a few hours.  This week is a holiday week in Mexico because Easter is near, so there were lots of people out and about.  We had shrimp tacos in a street side cafe, checked out the historic town square and cathedral, and basically just walked for miles.  It’s a nice town, not overly friendly but nice, not much English spoken so we couldn’t have our in-depth conversation that we wanted to have about getting a local cell phone, but all in all, La Paz is much better than we anticipated.

We were able to meet up with Roy and Cheryl last night for dinner and had a great time catching up!  They are currently Captain and crew on s/y Freedom, an incredible 125′ Sparkman Stephens sailing yacht.  Last time we saw Roy and Cheryl they were onboard Happy Dance crewing with us for a few days when we first arrived in the Sea of Cortez.  Always fun to see friends in our travels!!

Today is clean the boat day, then we’ll go take advantage of the lovely beach club that is part of the marina where we are docked.  We’ll make sure all systems are go, and plan to head out again in the morning for all parts North.  It will be great to be back up in the islands with no schedule and no plans.  Hasta la vista amigos!!!