Sunset Moonset

We are currently crossing the southern end of the Sea of Cortez, passing through 22.28.590N by 106.53.382W – look it up!! 🙂 The sun has risen over a calm sea, which is quite a bit different than the last time we were out here. We were able to sail most of the day yesterday after leaving La Cruz, and even had to reef down for a bit, all the while doing 7 plus knots into the wind, nice! Last night was motor motor motor on a smooth sea, so no complaints.

The sunset was about a 4.5 as sunsets at sea go. The moonset was much better, in that the moon was shining across glass, leaving a brilliant silver trail. There is about a 3/4 moon right now, so Mr. Moon’s face is slightly tilted and he is having a flat hair day on one side, so he seemed to wink as he slowly sank into the ocean.

At one point when the moon was still high it suddenly got to just the right angle to reflect off the water, but only in one bright puddle on the horizon. It looked like bright lights were under the surface lighting the water in one area, as if a huge submarine was about to surface. When you’re alone on a vast body of water, it’s crazy what you think you see! I have a great appreciation for the sailors who saw sea creatures and mermaids after having been at sea for years. The light out here changes constantly, and the colors of the water and sky are always playing tricks on your eyes. It’s all at once unbearably beautiful and a bit frightening!

This morning I woke to an eerie scene. Flat calm, glassy water with the sun rising to make the world an orangey hue. The mist on the horizons made it feel as if we were in a child’s snow globe, minus the snow! I certainly hope the globe doesn’t get shaken!

As I was making coffee, my favorite MartyMan shouted that there were dolphins on the bow, so I ran out to say hello. Two spotted dolphins playing on the bow – a perfect way to start the day.

So there you have it, my attempt at relaying our last 24 hours. We’ve got another 170 miles to go, so that equates to another day and night, and we should pull into Bahia de los Muertos (bay of the dead…lovely) around noon on Friday. Now it’s time to check the weather and get my darling captain some more coffee. Signing off, over and out!

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  1. Don’t miss the total lunar eclipse at 10:48pm Monday April 14th. Should be spectacular for you guys down in the land of no street lights.
    I’m enjoying 2 weeks of spring break making jewelry, working in the yard, Italian farmers market😀, padres baseball and hanging out. The life of a land lubber. Sail on my friends and be safe. ❤

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