Mirror mirror on the wall…

Going to the Sunday farmer’s market is not Marty’s favorite pastime, especially when I sing out; “look, that one would be perfect!”  I love hand-made things, and Mexican art with its beautiful weaving, pottery and beadwork is especially up my alley.  Unfortunately (for me – Marty thinks otherwise) there are very few treasures that I can actually buy anymore since most of the boat’s wall space is already covered, and there isn’t any horizontal space that can be used unless things are glued down!

However the item at last Sunday’s market that caused me to stop was a small pottery framed mirror.  Our aft head has a single mirror in it that is slanted at about 60 degrees, so when you look into it you are basically looking up your nose – not my favorite view.   My plan has been to remove the mirror which is actually attached to a door covering a small storage space, and then put shelves similar to spice racks in place of the mirror.  Then replace the mirror with one hanging on the wall, but it had to be just the right size.  I’ve been looking for one whenever we’re out shopping (which isn’t often!) and of course that is what made me sing out at the Farmer’s Market!  We bartered with the vendor until we had what we felt was a reasonable price and off we went with new mirror in tow.

The mirror in the forward head was actually the one we had gone to the market for, because the previous week we’d ordered some small tiles from another pottery vendor.  A cute young lady named Cienne and her family run the stall and make the tiles.  We picked up our order and after having some yummy lunch and stocking up on fresh bread, we headed home with our purchases.

Once home I got to work.  Off came the towel hooks on the wall in the aft head, and then up went the new mirror.  I didn’t want it to swing at all, so I hung it with one screw into the wall and then added velcro all around the back so it couldn’t move.  Luckily it actually did fit perfectly!!

In the forward head I decided to leave the mirrors as they were, since they’re attached to the molded vinyl wall of the head and I’d have to break them to get them off.  To make life easy I just attached the tiles around the edges, and of course they’re a bit crooked and I didn’t order enough, but hey, it’s a do-it-myself project!  We’ll get the missing two tiles next time we visit the market (Marty is SO excited to go back!)  🙂

So there you have it – dos nuevas réplicas (two new mirrors)!!  Decorating changes are small onboard, but still fun to do.  No doubt there will be more in our future as we find new treasures down the road.

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  1. Well done! Decorating moving homes is definitely hard. Motorhome is a challenge too!

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