Whale songs and traffic jams

There once was a couple who lived life afloat,

They sold all they had and moved onto a boat,

Now they sail all around,

They’ve forgotten how to frown,

This couple who lives life afloat on a boat.


Naptime for the kids

While we’ve been anchored out in La Cruz we’ve been serenaded by whales!  It’s been amazing to hear their songs reverberating through the hull so clearly that we could just sit in the cabin and listen to them calling and singing to each other.  The sounds were even more incredible when swimming, so I’d float on my back with my ears in the water to enjoy the concert.  The songs were often so loud and distinct that I’d have to pop my head up and look around to make sure they weren’t right next to me!  Waking up with the sound of whale songs floating through the cabin is truly a unique experience.

We’ve been laughing at ourselves lately (not really an unusual occurrence), when we compare our daily lives with what our lives used to look like.  We still have chores, we still have to take out the garbage, do the dishes, etc etc, but everything looks quite a bit different from living on land!  So…here is our latest photo blog showing some of those subtle or not so subtle differences…….be sure to read the captions!!  🙂

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