Six months into a 30 year vacation…

I’ve mentioned before that we are extremely date challenged these days, so we seem to measure time from the big events.  Days and weeks are full of life and adventures, but we would be hard pressed to tell you what day it is or sometimes even what month!  We do know that next month we leave for Mexico so we’re here in Ventura while Happy Dance is resting in dry dock awaiting a new cutlass bearing to arrive from France, and we are resting in the McDaniel home for wayward sailors.  We’re working on boat projects and making sure we have all the right paperwork in hand so that we can continue our travels south.

End of the road for these hitchhikers!

End of the road for these hitchhikers!

Hmmm...something's missing!

Preparing for the new cutlass bearing and making sure the propeller shaft is properly aligned.

Looking forward, here’s the plan.  We have a couple more stops to make on our way to San Diego, to visit more family and friends.  We might go out to Catalina, depending on weather and timing.  Then we’ll be staying in San Diego for a couple weeks while we add a Hydrovane auto-steering system to Happy Dance, and make our last preparations for the Baja Ha Ha.  We’ll pick up our crew for the Ha Ha, leave with the fleet on October 28th, and arrive in Cabo San Lucas sometime around November 7.  We are planning on spending a few months in the Gulfo de California, then we’ll start working our way down the coast to Panama!

Hoisting our Baja Ha Ha burgee!

Hoisting our Baja Ha Ha burgee!

It will be another huge milestone in “the big plan” to round Land’s End at Cabo San Lucas and drop anchor in the bay that we know so well.  Another Golden Gate, Land’s End is known as the golden arch or del Arco.  And to add to your trivia files it’s called Land’s End because, as the crow flies, if you followed a line south from there, you would not touch land again until you reached the South Pole – but that’s a bit further than we plan to go.

Looking back, it’s been pretty amazing to see where we’ve been!  Now that we’re organizing and planning and doing all those little things that we’ve put on hold for awhile, I’ve had time to go through a few (okay a gazillion) photos…and I’ve made…wait for it….MORE slideshows!!  🙂   It feels like we’ve seen and done so much that it’s funny to try to put it all into a 6 month bucket (some is slopping over the sides I think..ha!).

Here are some dates that will live in our memories for as long as we can remember.  July 2012; we bought Happy Dance (exactly 5 years after purchasing The Blue Goose Inn number 2!).  November 2012; Retirement #2 – we sold the Inn and moved onto Happy Dance.   March 28, 2013; we left the dock to begin our cruising life!!!

So we are now 6 months into our permanent picnic…our 30 year vacation…our Happy Dance!!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy a few more slideshows of our past travels.  We’ll soon be on the road again and will regale you with new challenges and sailing sagas!

Slide shows:

The adventures begins!!  Travels of Happy Dance – April 2013  (3.22 minutes)

Princess Louisa Inlet – May 2013  (7.50 minutes)

More Travels of Happy Dance – May to June 2013 (5.22 minutes)

Kayaking in the rain in Claydon Bay (54 seconds)

Our Oxnard neighbor!

Our Oxnard neighbor!