On the hard…and Sail Alaska memories!!

The first night sleeping onshore is always interesting.  This time I woke up convinced that we were sailing through fog and wondering why we were both asleep!!  Marty just ignored my rantings of “shouldn’t we be on deck”?  Even after a few nights ashore I’m still moving with the waves…ha!


So why are we ashore you ask?  Well, it’s time for Happy Dance to get a check up, so she’s been checked into the local boat hospital… 😦    After hitting a couple of logs, and getting the propeller wrapped in kelp, not to mention dragging huge kelp trails in Alaska, we wanted to have a good look at the propeller shaft and also check the paint on the bottom.  So, Happy Dance is on the hard, and we are onshore at Ron and Cindy’s presidential estate in Ventura, getting treated like royalty!

Riding Air Force One to Camp McD

Riding Air Force One to Camp McD

While here I’ve had time to sift through our Sail Alaska photos and have made a slide show/video for your viewing pleasure!  I really did try to shrink the number of photos, but the show is still 14 minutes, so grab your favorite beverage and enjoy!!  🙂

Click here to see the full Sail Alaska slide show!

and some shorter videos…

Bear video #1  (taken from Happy Dance while at anchor)

Bear video #2  (taken while kayaking)

Bear video #3  (taken while kayaking)