We’ve said our farewells (at least a few), visited family, celebrated weddings and milestone birthdays, toasted to a safe voyage, filled the tanks, and yet we’re still at the dock!  Hmmmm…something wrong with this picture?  Not really.  Sailing, and especially cruising, is a lesson in patience.

Celebrating Grandmom's 100th Birthday in Phoenix!

Celebrating Grandmom’s 100th Birthday in Phoenix!

First wave of guests at our Bon Voyage party!

First wave of guests at our Bon Voyage party!

Kissing cousin!  Barb stops by to say Bon Voyage

Kissing cousin! Barb stops by to say Bon Voyage

Nice sunset after a fun visit with Kyle!

Nice sunset after a fun visit with Kyle!

We intended to be off the dock by now, getting our sea legs back under us while spending a few leisurely days in the San Juan Islands.  The timing of that plan had one complication though, and that is Marty’s annual trip to Las Vegas for his fantasy baseball draft.

Research is thirsty work!

Research is thirsty work!

Spring Training in Phoenix - aka "research"

Spring Training in Phoenix – aka “research”

This is year 25 of the event and not one to be missed without good reason!  We were planning on a few days of anchoring out in our old stomping grounds before leaving Happy Dance in Bellingham while flying to Vegas for the weekend, but as always, plans are a bit fluid while on a boat.

The weather forecast this week was calling for 20+ knot winds, and lots of rain.  Yes, we know that wind and rain are to be expected; I mean, we DO live on a boat in the beautiful green PNW!  However, that being said, while we are eager to get moving, it seemed a little silly to change our current moorage for another moorage in Bellingham, just to go out and get bounced around in the rain for a few days!  The result?  Change of plans.

The revised plan…We are keeping Happy Dance happily moored in Anacortes until we return from Vegas with our pockets full of cash (or is that saying about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas referring to the money??).  This also gives us a few more days for those last minute chores that keep popping up.


Shiny new anchor

One final update that needed to be completed was the ground tackle.  We wanted to add a second anchor, so we bought a 25kg (55lb) Rocna that is now riding on the bow.  We pulled out all the anchor chain and rope rode from the anchor locker for cleaning, measuring, and inspecting, before attaching the new anchor.  And as usual on any given project, the shackles we bought won’t fit the 3/8″ chain.  So, another bike ride to the marine supply store is on the agenda today.  Our old Delta will be our second anchor and will hopefully live in the bilge if we can make that work, as we really don’t want to hang them both on the bow (too much weight forward).

So, for all you Happy Dance followers, here’s ‘da plan!  We’ll be in Anacortes this week, Las Vegas March 21-26, and will be leaving the dock on the 28th or 29th.  We have one more scheduled meeting to plan around, and that is the delivery of our new sails.  We’ll need to be back in Blaine to pick those up on April 23rd.  The three weeks between our return from Vegas and our rendezvous with the sail maker in April will be enjoyed in the Gulf Islands.  We want to visit lots of our favorite spots from previous cruises, and take some time to just relax and enjoy after all the months of preparation!

Once we get the sails on board, we’ll finally start working our way north to Alaska.  It will be a leisurely trip, with plenty of time to enjoy Princess Louisa Inlet, Desolation Sound, and the Broughton Archipelago.  We’ll plan on meeting up with the group from Sail Alaska at the end of June, somewhere around Port Hardy on the north end of Vancouver Island.

So my friends, dat’s da plan as of today!!  It may change tomorrow, but if it does, we’ll just adjust our sails and go with it!