Boat Sweet Home

I awoke last night to silence.  It was a drastic change from the past few days and nights of listening to the wind pressing Happy Dance hard against the dock, with squeaking fenders, whistling lines, and plenty of boat noises!  We’ve been rocked constantly by winds in the 20-30 knot range, so the still morning was a nice surprise!

It’s been about a week now since we moved on-board after signing the papers to sell the Inn.  The last couple months have been an E ticket roller coaster ride as we celebrated the excitement of dreams coming true and stumbled our way through the challenges of dealing with high maintenance buyers.  All has settled down now with only a couple more hurdles to jump, but just like the weather, we’re hoping for some calm.

We arrived at Happy Dance on a beautiful crisp clear cold day after a short road trip to see family and eat turkey!  Temps were in the mid 30’s so Happy Dance gave us a rather chilly welcome!  But we soon had the heater on, groceries stowed, and dinner on the table!  After a long day it was easy to snuggle into our new bed, pull up the double quilts and zzzzzzzzz.  It was a funny feeling though to wake in the night and wonder why the earth was moving, until remembering that oh yeah, we’re on the boat!

This week on-board has been full of grins, sighs, and yes, quite a few happy dances!  I know I am annoyingly happy, but I can’t help it.  This grin just won’t go away!  I mean I just slammed the crap out of my finger when the top loading door of the fridge (!!%^$#$!) fell closed, but then I look up and there’s my hubby pouring me a glass of wine and we are sitting on our boat, and the music is playing, and the wind is whistling outside, and we are warm and cozy inside, and ..and…it’s just all too amazing!  So I probably need a disclaimer on my blogs from here on out; “the following blog contains insane happiness and may be unsuitable for grumpiheads”.



It’s been kind of funny to step back and watch as we start falling into some sort of routine for our newly retired selves.  I had to laugh as I realized that one thing has held pretty consistent…I get up first and head to the showers while Marty starts the coffee.  Once the coffee man, always the coffee man it seems!  And I’m okay with that!  After I get back from my 2 1/2 minute shower (for only a quarter!), I am greeted with a steaming cup of coffee!  PFM!!

Today was project day.  Marty built a couple of very lovely shelves in the forward head where the holding tank used to be.  We now have composting toilets, so the space taken up by the old holding tanks is more storage..yes!  I cleaned up and added some more hooks, pictures, and even had time to cook a bit!  Lobster tails tonight and appetizer pinwheels tomorrow!  We will have our first social gathering tomorrow, as we’ve invited our real estate brokers over for some afternoon cheer and a tour of Happy Dance before we head out to dinner.  It will be fun to show them around our new home!

All in all, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is the right place for us.  We have everything we need here, in a compact comfortable cozy home.  We fit perfectly in our boat sweet home….!