The highs and the lows

What a wild couple of weeks we’ve had!  Today is Saturday, and just one week ago we were in Sacramento with the McDaniel and Johnson clans, enjoying a gorgeous wedding celebration for Kacie and Ross.  It was a perfect combination of family and friends, laughter and loving, celebration and sharing, along with plenty of McDaniel “entertainment”.  A perfect weekend of fun, and for me it was a chance to put faces to names as I was able to finally meet everyone!  A real treat!

Enjoying the celebration!

Enjoying the celebration!

Here come's the bride!

Here come’s the bride!

Once home we simply unpacked and repacked for a quick trip over the mountains to see my brother Bob, who lives on the east side of the Cascades.  It was a crazy drive through an early season snow storm on the top of the North Cascades highway, but then we arrived at his gorgeous spot on Lake Osooyoos.  Marty hadn’t seen his home, so it was great fun to get the nickel tour and catch up on Bob’s plans – not to mention some yummy steaks, some more of those incredible apples off the tree, and a view of the lake that is to die for!

Now we’re home again home again, sitting amidst boxes and piles and total clutter…have I mentioned that I HATE clutter?  Argh!  We are half way through a few of the cupboards and so the piles are a bit disorganized!  Ugh.  Tomorrow I simply have to put some organization to all of this or I’ll go nuts…yes I know…not a long trip!  🙂

We did start loading our new shed today though, so that’s a huge step in the right direction!  We had a wooden shed placed on a friend’s property (thank you Nancy!!) so that we don’t have to pay a gazillion in storage costs while we’re away.  We’ve been somewhat ruthless in our sorting, so if it doesn’t go on the boat, it has to pass the question of  “will we really need this in 10 years?”.  All of our furniture will stay with the house, as will the dishes, linens, equipment, and decor.  Basically we are storing the really sentimental stuff, and taking all the functional stuff that will be used on the boat!

All this packing and sorting and sifting through years of keepsakes seems to be much more difficult on me than I expected.  So much of the “stuff” that I’ve carried around for years has a history, but it’s only a history for me.  So that makes it difficult in that I don’t want to burden us with piles of things just because they hold a memory for me, and yet I’m sometimes hesitant to part with the “thing” that holds the memory.  In many cases I can use the excuse that “Kyle will want this one day”, though even that may be just an excuse for me to hold on to it a little longer.

On the flip side of wanting to keep my history safe in a box, is the freedom that I feel when I make the decision to part with some of the memories.  I’m not sure I realized how the objects had such a hold on me in some cases, and to put them into the thrift shop pile is a tug on my heart, but it is also like pulling off that band aid and feeling a new freedom of movement.

Life is a great ride, and this week is a bit of a roller coaster.  It’s exciting, scary, fun, frenzied, and at the end it’s a sigh of relief.  A hug from my hubby, and a reminder of what waits for us is all that I need to smile and relax.  We are so incredibly blessed to be able to live our dream, and the little bumps along the way only make it all the more fantastic.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, live the dream and of course, make more memories. You might consider writing a book. really good blog to read. Have fun you two.


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