Let the random Happy Dances begin!!

Hello one and all and welcome to the revival of the Escapade / Happy Dance blog!  This is the place to find us as we wander through new adventures.  But first, it’s time for a very big BIG announcement!  Drum roll please……are you ready?…no I mean are you REALLY ready?  ….Okay, here it is…..YES! We sold the Inn!!!!

Whooooohooooo…Happy Dances all around!  The sale will be final in December, so we are madly packing, planning, staring off into space, wondering how many tubes of toothpaste one needs in six months, giggling like crazy people, figuring out how to count backwards on the calendar, and happily dancing our way through our last few days of Innkeeping!

We will be officially retiring from our illustrious career as Innkeepers on October 17th, so that we can leave for Sacramento on the 18th…not sure what’s happening in Sacramento, but we heard a rumor about a big party or something…..!  🙂  Obviously we are very excited at the prospect of no more alarm clocks, no more breakfasts for the “oh, I don’t eat eggs” crowd, no more time challenged breakfast guests, no more finding Batman undies in the sheets (no, they weren’t Marty’s – he wears Superman..wink wink!)!  After nearly 7 years it will be a lovely change to be completely retired!  I know we already tried a practice run, but retiring from corporate jobs to being Innkeepers really doesn’t count as retirement, and I’m sure Marty wonders why he’s worked harder this year after leaving Boeing, than he ever worked before (except for that summer working for Grumpy painting houses)!

So what is the next step?  Well, first we make piles…there is the dump pile, the garage sale pile, the “will this fit on the boat?” pile, the must keep pile, and the “hmmm, I’ll decide later on this one” pile.  It’s a bit of a challenge to go from about 10,000 sq. ft., down to 400 sq. ft. of our new floating home!  Our new buzz word around here is “be ruthless!”.

The packing begins!

The packing begins!

Not only are the logistics of packing a bit challenging, but we are finding there are many emotions that come with pulling photos out of photo albums, putting keepsakes into the garage sale pile…it’s all a bit bittersweet!!  We are ecstatic about stepping into our new life, but it’s a such a big change in our lives, to sell everything that is land based and fit all our earthly belongings into an 8×10 shed and a 43 foot boat!  Crazy?  Yep!  Exciting?  Absolutely!!!

As of today we have only 17 days left of being Innkeepers!  The craziness seems to be multiplying around here as guests do more wild and wacky things – or maybe the B&B Gods are just giving us a memorable send off!  All the stories that are fit to print will be available for your reading pleasure in later blogs, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, we love sharing our excitement with you as we embark on this next phase of our long awaited adventures!!!

Empty shelves...!

Empty shelves…!

4 thoughts on “Let the random Happy Dances begin!!

  1. Congratulations, bet this is just a bit of a relief. Now you can both fully retire. Me and Pam wish you both the best. Have fun and enjoy life.


  2. Hola,

    Congratulations!!! Hope your new home floats into Bocas one of these days. Everyone would love to see you and we will have a big party. Keep me informed on your travels.



    • Hola Carol!!!
      So great to hear from you! We will definitely be floating your way…eventually! We are planning to head to Alaska next summer, then start the journey south. But we may fly in for a visit before that…we miss you all and we need a Friday night at Rip Tide!! 🙂 Hope you are doing great – give our hellos and hugs to everyone!
      Sue and Marty


  3. Have lots of fun on your next adventure in your lives. I wish that Debie and I could be doing the same thing. But bad health kept us both from retiring the way that we planed to. So keep the pictures coming and again have lots of fun. Maybe we will see you guys at the class reunion? As it stands right now we will be there.

    As Marty call me.


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