Permanent Picnickers find Private Paradise

40 miles and a ferry ride from home; but a world away!

We found ourselves with a few days without any reservations on the calendar and a forecast of wind and rain all week, so we decided to take a little jaunt up to Orcas Island. The mulch pile could wait – we wanted a last Innkeepers holiday before the season gets booming.

So…off we went on a dark gray day, with snow falling fast and trying to stick to the roads, and the wind blowing a gale. We drove to the ferry and arrived on Orcas with rain and hail coming down, and followed our written directions…”turn right after the pottery shop, cross the golf course, park at the Y in the road and follow the elfin trail….” And there it was, a tiny little cabin perched amid the tall pines, on the mossy rocks above the shore, with a welcoming red door.

We stepped inside and felt like we’d stepped into our own little hideaway. We enjoyed two wonderful stormy days and starry nights, wood stove crackling….ahhhhh…. Sometimes it’s just the perfect time to unplug the phones and electronics, and listen to the music in the pines. An eagle flew by a couple times, and a few birds braved the storm in the morning, but for the most part it was just us. We read books, enjoyed some new wines and yummy snacks, and performed plenty of permanent picnic planning!!

The rain let up for a little bit so we did venture out, mainly so that we could come back in! The little beach and cliffs were covered in beautiful moss, and the huge pines were swaying in the wind. There was a dusting of snow on Mt. Constitution, and the wind waves in East Sound were pretty impressive – not a very protected anchorage!

So now we’re home, ready to attack the mulch pile (right Marty??) and work on being Innkeepers of the Year! The reservation calendar is filling up, and guests are planning their own visit to paradise….ours!!

5 thoughts on “Permanent Picnickers find Private Paradise

  1. nice little getaway you found, might have to get you to share the directions. Looked about perfect. Thanks for sharing


    • Hi Dan! It was an outstanding location for a cute cottage getaway and I highly recommend you take Miss Pam there! I’ll send you an email with the details… for a price! 🙂


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