Miscellaneous Blue Goose Updates

Hello one and all!
Has it really been since February 15th since we posted to this blog? Wow, nearly a month… I’m sure something must have happened in that time frame! So, thought I would string together a couple of coherent thoughts and get back into the blogger mode.

Last night we had 6 members of the US Navy, both Reservists and full timers, stay with us. They are based in Texas and had flown their C-40 aircraft (it’s really a 737 Cargo airplane!) to NAS Whidbey Island where they had a “mechanical” and had to stay the night while it gets repaired. Since the base housing was full, they chose to stay with us! Very cool! It was a great crew and everyone was very nice. They left early this morning on a trip that leaves from Whidbey and goes to Fallon, Nevada and Virgina Beach, Virginia before finally returning to Texas. It was great to host our US Military and especially the crew of the Lone Star Express! We are very proud to have been their hosts!

Also at the Goose this last week, we have been working on the Goose Beautification and Enhancement Project (G-BEAP!)! Our corner at 7th and Main has always needed a bit of love and with that often being the first impression for people as they drive in from the highway we though it was time to perform some upgrades! Out goes the Hawthorne tree next to the porch; cut down and chipped in 30 minutes by 2 guys; outstanding work! That opened up the view of Kineth House and so naturally, we had to fill it in! What to do… what to do? Well, after 20 yards of good horse pasture dirt, 20 yards of bark mulch, 3 new trees and countless small shrubs and flowers; we now have a new look! It looks marvelous and will get even better as everything grows!

NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not there!

G-BEAT... ready to blossom!!

Sue and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary, on March 4th, of the day we actually met for the first time at Ivars Fish House in Mukilteo! The intervening 5 years have been a fun, interesting, heart-breaking, enjoyable journey as we have grown our relationship, the success of the Goose has increased, we lost Sue’s mom, and we retired and took our big trip! As we say here on the island, “Life is Good!” and the journey that started 5 years ago has been GREAT! Where we go from here is mostly unknown; but what is known is that it will be interesting and maybe a bit unusual! Looking forward to it!!

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  1. Marty – I was promted to visit the blog when I saw a photo of the Blue Goose in the Sunday Seattle Times. House looks great and you look very relaxed and happy. Congrats.


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