Whales, tails, and wows!

Hello again bloggers!!

As you no doubt heard or read – we are HOME! It’s kind of surreal, in that we both have the feeling that home is the same as when we left, but somehow different! We are both taking awhile to get our heads wrapped around being back in Coupeville after having had so many incredible experiences these past two months. It was quite a ride, and one we’ll never forget. Thanks for coming along with us! 🙂

So…I’ve really tried to consolidate all our whale photos into the best of the best, but it was pretty tough. Each series of whale tails slipping into the water was so special – the sounds, the gracefulness, the power – all so awe-inspiring. I’ve tried to include photos that would give you a sense of our experience on the water. Being in the little rafts was such a treat; to be able to get so close to these beautiful gentle giants…..click here to see the slideshow…and to really get into the mode, listen to this while watching the show!