End of the Road – Day R + 35

End of the road....or maybe just another turn!!

Today is the day… the day we finally reach the end of the road and return to Washington and home, to call an end to this GREAT road trip that has taken us to Costa Rica, Panama, Hawaii, LA and San Diego. But it is not a sad day; well, not too sad! We have made new friends, seen old friends, seen new places, experienced new cultures as well as seen old friends and family along the way. While I mention the end of the road as a tie in to a previous blog; it is just another stop along the way.
We have a ton of memories and even more pictures that we will share soon. Sue has already started a file of the “Best of…” and this last week while we were in Hawaii we added some awesome whale watching shots from our many trips out onto the water. Let’s just say for the moment that we were up close and personal with our friends from the deep… pics to come. For a preview check out my Facebook site.
And I would be most remiss were I not to update you on our stay in Lahaina (actually Kahana but that’s close enough!) with my big bro and his lovely wife. In between the whale watching excursions with the Pacific Whale Foundation, we were introduced to a wonderful Hawaiian invention known as “shaved ice”. Now, I’m sure many of you have had the pleasure of experiencing a version of this concoction of chipped ice goodness through Slurpees from 7-11 or sno-cones at the little league field but in Hawaii, they have taken it to new levels! I realize I am waxing poetic about frozen water and some sugar juices but on a warm 80 degree day with the breeze blowing in from the Maui Channel and you are standing there watching the macadamia nut ice cream go into the bottom of the cup while the block of ice is spinning around in the chipper, catching the one handed, two chop stick technique while the girls load the ice and shape it; punching holes into the cone so the juices will reach deep down to the lower levels of the ice; selecting the combo of juices from the myriad of options… how do you decide? Will it be passion fruit, pineapple, and coconut? Or perhaps Tiger’s Blood, lime and orange? And after you finally decide on those flavors more decisions await… should it be topped with sweetened condensed milk, a snow cap, or perhaps shredded coconut… or should it be… well, you get my point. It is all worthy of my poetic waxing! Check out Ululani’s in Lahaina, the BEST!! Thanks R&C!
Sue and I also went snorkeling out to Molokini, the half circle crater that has clear water and plenty of colorful fish to enjoy. Followed by more snorkeling just off the island of Lanai with some whale watching and turtle viewing thrown in on a 6 1/2 hour day. Breakfast was banana bread and fruit while lunch was barbecued chicken and hot dogs. And the bar was open, thanks to Cap’n Doug, on our way back to the harbor. A very fun day. And where were Ron & Cindy while we were out snorkeling you ask… I’m sure you guessed! They went whale watching!!
We ate at Cheeseburgers in Paradise, Kimo’s, Aloha Mixed Plate, Cap’n Jacks, but I think our favorite in Lahaina was Star Noodle! WOW! I already overdid myself on the shaved ice and so will just say if you find yourself in Maui make sure you find Star Noodle and have dinner! Well worth it! I specifically mentioned Lahaina because on our last night, R&C took us out to dinner to celebrate the Big R at Mama’s Fish House in Paia, not too far from the airport. If I give Star Noodle 5 stars; Mama’s gets 10! A beautiful place on the water, with outstanding service. The food was even more amazing… Mahi mahi and wild Boar was on my plate followed by dessert. Sue had a Black Pearl dessert that was fabulous, made of chocolate mousse and looked like an oyster with a large black pearl; while I had a Chocolate Martini made with Godiva Chocolate! Yummy!! We only left because we were on our way to the airport to catch the redeye back to LA. Talk about a downer!

Sue and I want to thank you all very much for following along with us on our journey into retirement. We have had a grand time, and sharing it with friends and family has added that special extra touch to our exciting escapade! But I don’t want to stop here; but rather continue with the blog as we head back to Coupeville and the B&B. We hope to make it even better than the award winning Inn it is and the plan is to regale you with stories of our guests, local events and happenings as well as add a few more stories about our travels. I’m working on one about the different showers we encountered on our trip! Sure to be a riveting expose!

Marty & Sue

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  1. Marty and Sue…
    Fantastic…very enjoyable, interesting read. Sitting here with a big doofus smile on my face as I think what fun you had. Thanks for sharing the trip; you did a great job of “bringing us along!”


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