The End of the Road – Day R-6

The End of the Road

We thought this was the end of the road; but realized this was just a washed out beach road!

Up until now, we have been going to the end of our road, turning right and heading for town. This time we turned left and found that new spectacles and surprises awaited us! We knew there was a beach this way that was a big surfing beach as we had seen lots of bikers with surfboards heading out that direction, so we followed the Big Kahuna towards Playa Ponch. After walking for 15 minutes we came to the end of the paved road and waves lapping up against that; so imagine our surprise when a car was coming from around the bend. It was a 4-wheel drive Land Cruiser slowly picking its way along the narrow beach. As we were laughing at the folly of tourists, we realized it was a local family with Abuela (grandmother) sitting in the back seat. As we tried to muddle this through our minds and arrive at a cohesive thought, a couple of surfer dudes on bikes showed up not slowing down as they headed around the bend. OK, we thought, the surf must really be good around the bend!
As it turns out the narrow, sloping beach IS the road and after following that along, finding a streetlight,
Streetlight? Out here!!???!!

I should have known we weren't too far off the beaten path when we ran into this street light!

and crossing a creek wide enough that I had to take my shoes off to wade through;

Just a small obstacle... do i really need to take my shoes off?

we were back on a graded road with houses on one side and the ocean on the other. After another 15 minutes of walking, we were ready to turn back when we decided just a little bit further. At the end of that “little bit further” we saw a sign up ahead and decided we should at least go read the sign!
And finally we were at the end of the road! It was a sign for the La Coralina Hotel and Restaurant which was perched up the side of the hill and had awesome views out toward the point where surfers were riding the waves and across to Bastiementos Island.

View from La Coralina

Naturally, we stopped for a beverage or 4, had lunch and watched the surfers from on high. After replenishing our energy and re-hydrating, we started the trek back home but felt that we had just found a proverbial diamond in the rough.

5 thoughts on “The End of the Road – Day R-6

  1. Well, I have finally caught up with the latest postings and can understand the feeling of taking life where it leads. Certainly a great adventure. I like the idea of not setting roots and exploring for awhile, you just might find that perfect spot where you were not expecting it. Besides the Escapade must be getting pretty bored sitting in a dock all the time. By the way, started Jenny Craig this week so the whale comment there mcmartyman will hopefully be obsolete by June.


  2. Thanks Gents!
    It has certainly been a fun ride so far with lots of escapades still out in front of us!
    @Dan – just when you think you have found the end of the road; another one appears! We found another road that ended in the mouth of the dragon… stand by for the update! Hi to Pam and DanDar!
    @Randy – As soon as you get here! Bring sunscreen tho, the whalers are everywhere! 🙂 Hope you are feeling better!
    @Fritzie- Glad to hear there is a plan in the works. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. MaryLou is back at her camp nearby; go say howdy! We will be back in Washington in February but when things change I’ll keep you in the loop!


  3. Hey Marty sounds like you guys are having a blast. Me and Debie had plans of seeing the states by camping from state to state but as you know things changed but we may still get a chance in a few years if some things work out like I hope. When you get setteled let me know where you are. Keep having fun


  4. Great reading Marty and Sue. Just went through each day and enjoyed the adventures from afar. You guys certainly are making a time of it.
    So when you get relocated in Panama, how long before we can visit???


  5. oh looks so beautiful, great idea blogging your retirement escapades. Great to see you two having a good time and enjoying life. And now, I know where the end of the road is. Enjoy…..Dan


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